Easiest Baked Tofu Ever

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I love tofu. I love baked tofu. I love Twin Oaks brand organic extra firm baked tofu. It’s delicious, quick, and nutritious. I am anything but a genius in the kitchen so I rely on quick & easy recipes to eat well and enjoy my food. Here’s one that fits my requirements. Twin Oaks is […]

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Golden Banana Milk

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Have you heard of Golden Milk? It’s a delicious Ayurvedic concoction of milk, sweetener, oil, and the spice turmeric. (Scroll way down under my recipe to read all the many reasons why daily turmeric consumption is recommended.) Here is how to make the classic recipe: When I follow this recipe I use homemade almond or cashew […]

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Appled Oat Groats (recipe)

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Some of my best recipes come from figuring out what to do with food that I don’t want to go to waste. I recently purchased some organic apple juice for a recipe from Dr. John McDougall’s book The Starch Solution so I had most of the bottle minus 2/3 cup hanging around. I love eating […]

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Buy This Book

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I think long and hard about how to convince people to consider adopting a plant-based lifestyle. The best motivator is pain (injury, chronic disease) but that’s what I’m aiming to help prevent! People who have suffered from years of obesity, diabetes 2, cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders make for great “before & after” testimonials […]

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ThanksLiving Resources

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There is absolutely no reason to do any damage to your body during a holiday celebration. You can eat well, nourish your body, and indulge in new recipes that will not set you back on energy, weight, or guilt. Click through the following links for whole food, plant-based (many are low fat) holiday recipes and […]

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Raw Chocolate Birthday Brownies

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For my husband’s recent birthday I made for him some raw chocolate brownies that were OUT OF THIS WORLD! The original recipe comes from THRIVE magazine but I think there were some typos, so I’m going to retype the recipe here as I made it. The flavor is dark and rich espresso chocolate and the […]

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Vegan Pizza with Tofu “Feta” and Basil

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In addition to the delicious vegan chili, here is another fantastic recipe inspired by the book Eat & Run by Scott Jurek. This recipe is low-fat, whole food, and plant-based/vegan as long as you don’t add oil or include olives. Tofu “Feta” • 16 ounces firm tofu • 4 tablespoons light miso (yellow or white) […]

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Spectacular Plant-Based Chilied Potatoes with Cashew Sour Cream

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This recipe was inspired by Scott Jurek in his fantastic book Eat & Run. Scott is a world-renowned ultramarathon champion who trains and races on a plant-based diet. In the summer of 2015 Scott set a new speed record for traversing the full Appalachian Trail entirely on a plant-based diet. Scott knows how to fuel right and […]

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