The Vegan Key™ is an anytime online nutrition program delivered in 11 substantial email chapters supported by group coaching & support (my credentials) to help you become the most healthful & helpful vegan on the planet. TVK is an e-book & coaching in one package!

For whom is The Vegan Key™ designed?

TVK is for anyone who has already made a commitment to be vegan whether that choice was made 20 years ago or 20 minutes ago. TVK is not designed to convince you to become vegan, but rather to support you on your vegan journey so that you can be the strongest, most vibrant vegan ambassador possible starting today.

Still not convinced why veganism is the best choice?

• take the Optimal Human Diet Quiz
• read The 21 Previously Unknown Reasons Why The World Needs You to Eat Vegan Today (And It Has Nothing To Do With The Animals)!

TVK helps vegans prevent illness and disease by teaching optimal human food choices. There are many vegan food options, but not all of them support human wellbeing. Nothing is more tragic for non-human animals than a vegan who falls ill and returns to old inhumane habits erroneously thinking their illness was due to a lack of animal-based foods rather than due to poor, uneducated vegan food choices.

TVK teaches new vegans how to eat well and teaches long-time vegans how to eat better. In short it is for health seekers, environmentalists, and animal lovers. 

TVK is for athletes who wish to reduce inflammation to increase training frequency, environmentalists who wish to reduce their destructive footprint, animal lovers who save dogs, cats, dolphins, whales, and wild animals, patriotic citizens who wish to slow climate change flooding that threatens military bases, health enthusiasts who want to live as long and as pain-free as possible, humanitarians who value feeding hungry global citizens, spiritual students who wish to get more in touch with their metaphysical body, healers who wish to increase their energy & vibration, parents who aim to raise their children with compassion and truth, yogis who practice the yoga limb of ahimsa (non-violence), social activists who campaign for equal rights and against oppression, outdoor enthusiasts who want to preserve oceans, mountains, forests, and rivers, peace advocates who live & exude an authentic life of personal peace, and medical professionals who wish to prescribe fewer pharmaceuticals & procedures.

What does The Vegan Key™ deliver?

TVK delivers 11 abundant chapters to your email inbox at a pace of one chapter per day starting on the date of your purchase. There is a dedicated & active TVK Facebook group for coaching, support, and sharing. The link will be provided after purchase.

I have spent over seven years formally studying nutrition, have read countless books, articles, and studies as well as putting this information into practice in my personal life. My goal is to condense a mountain of information into manageable chapters so that you don’t need to spend years researching the most healthful way to eat. These 11 chapters are filled with the most precise, concise, useful, and tested information that you can put to use immediately to experience improved wellness quickly. TVK has been built from previous popular e-courses I have offered which I have tested, refined, and augmented to bring this comprehensive package to you.

Chapter 1: Introduction & The 8 Most Toxic Vegan Food Ingredients to Avoid (was The 8 First Steps to a HAPPY™ Kitchen)

Chapter 2: Identifying Vegan Whole Foods & How to Choose and Prepare the Best Ones (was The 9th HAPPY™ Step)

Chapter 3: What to Eat for Breakfast, Lunch, and Daytime Snacks for Optimal Vitality (was Fruit Til Five™)

Chapter 4: What to Eat for Dinner & Plentiful Recipe Sources for True Wellness (was Fruit Til Five™)

Chapter 5: Fueling Your Body & Nourishing Your Soul – Chakras 1 & 2 (was The Healers Diet™)

Chapter 6: Fueling Your Body & Nourishing Your Soul – Chakras 3, 4 & 5 (was The Healers Diet™)

Chapter 7: Fueling Your Body & Nourishing Your Soul – Chakras 6 & 7 (was The Healers Diet™)

Chapter 8: Feasting on Sunlight (was The Sunlight Diet™)

Chapter 9: Your Part in Human Evolution

Chapter 10: Being Veganist & Understanding Social Justice Intersectionality

Chapter 11: Summary & Vegan Resources

As a nutrition coach with a Bachelor of Science degree in Holistic Health and Healing and an excellent reputation for teaching & explaining complex concepts, I look forward to coaching you through the material and answering any questions you may have along the way.

What is the cost of The Vegan Key™?

One copy of TVK costs $25.00. Preview Chapter 1 here.

The experience of your purchase does not end with the money-product exchange. Using Facebook I look forward to establishing an ongoing relationship with you in order to help you achieve your nutritional understanding & wellness goals. TVK is an e-book & coaching in one package!

Money Back Guarantee

Carla Golden, Carla Golden Wellness, and are not responsible for how you use The Vegan Key™. If you are not satisfied with the content of TVK you may request a full refund after providing a 3-week accurate personal food diary (example here). I have full confidence that if you apply the principles, recommendations, and guidance of TVK for at least 3 weeks you will experience improved health & happiness. However if you follow TVK and accurately record your dietary intake for 3 weeks and still are not satisfied with the program, you may request a full refund by contacting me here.

Medical Disclaimer

By purchasing The Vegan Key™ you agree that you are in good health and are able to make sound choices regarding your food intake. If you feel unwell before, during, or after implementing TVK, you agree that you will seek counsel from your general medical practitioner and that you will not hold Carla Golden, Carla Golden Wellness, or accountable.