Fiber First for Weight Loss™

Did you know that 97% of Americans are fiber deficient? Fiber helps you feel full and helps move food & impurities through and out the gastrointestinal tract. Without sufficient fiber in your diet, it will be easy to gain weight, difficult to lose weight, and possible to retain unwanted toxins and impurities.

What is wonderful about Fiber First for Weight Loss™ is that it shows you how & why to eat whole, high fiber foods, what low & no fiber foods to avoid, provides recipe resources, and walks you through this process for only $5. Losing weight for good is simple with the right information!

Claim your copy today and start losing weight with your next high-fiber meal!

By purchasing Fiber First for Weight Loss™ you have agreed that you are in good health and are able to make sound choices regarding your food intake. If you feel unwell before, during, or after implementing Fiber First for Weight Loss™, you agree that you will seek counsel from your general medical practitioner and that you will not hold Carla Golden, Carla Golden Wellness, or accountable.