Good morning, Carla. Did you ever thank a teacher after you had a success and wanted to tell him/her that the success was a result of his efforts? Well, here I am doing this with you. The results of my blood cholesterol and sugar were excellent, in fact much better than they were a few years back. That makes me feel good, but the diet has done so much more: restoring mental alertness and improved memory has resulted in a excited attitude about waking up each morning! What a gift!! I think its almost a year since I took Fruit Til Five™. I look forward to entering a stage of life that most people see as declining but I see as exciting. The words thank you don’t begin to express my appreciation for all the help you have given to me on this fantastic journey. PS

I have found Fruit Til Five really far easier than I thought it would be, and I mean that. Any of my friends in “real life” know that I LOVE food and have been surprised that I have more or less been able to stick to this… why have I stuck? Because it makes you FEEL better, I mean like REALLY better. Its like the difference the day after a hangover, you know – the day you wake up and think Thank God I Feel Better!!! I had a food hangover, and I was a person that thought I was eating relatively well. More energy, more alert, better mood, better skin and hair, better sleep and some initial weight loss….I have not got it completely cracked yet but I am determined to not go back now. I have started the process of clearing my energy through cleansing my body with this program and I want to keep going. Its an act of self love, and we deserve to feel good! And when you feel good you open up the flow of all things good to come to you through law of attraction. Thank you for this program Carla, its been just what I needed and I hope to continue and step up to your Healers Diet soon.” KS

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“I was worried if I would be hungry or feel strange eating only fruit all day. But I feel good! I feel some of the inflammation in my stomach has gone away and I feel “clean” inside. I love that I didn’t need to think about or “plan” what to eat or “cook” as much. Eating fruit makes everything so simple! No thinking required! And it meant the kitchen was cleaner, too. Shopping is easier because I already know what’s on the menu for 2 meals of my day! I tripled my weekly weight loss from my usual high raw diet efforts! And I have more time in the morning to get ready for work because I don’t need to worry so much about breakfast and lunch now. I have been telling EVERYONE about it and trying to get them to give it a try! I have friends and family who need to clean up their diet and who want to lose weight. This way of eating is good for both! THANK YOU!!! I am busy sending people your way to sign up for the next one!” TK

Read how Fruit Til Five™ helped one participant lose 8 of the 12 pounds she had gain by eating fruit unwisely…in just one week!

“I find this program brilliant in its simplicity and simultaneous wisdom. I can build in pieces of change and experience subtle shifts. Carla guides with true compassion and contagious enthusiasm. She has so much knowledge and shares it so generously. She is cultivating a garden of beautiful eaters.” LM

“I almost didn’t join FT5 because I didn’t know exactly what this was about. I have had interest in a mainly fruit diet but knew I couldn’t survive on it. However, I love the idea that it is only until 5 pm, and then we can have a good, healthy meal of our choice! I felt great on FT5. I think eating fruit is the most natural thing for me and glad to find that there is a way to do it properly. What helped the most was your helping us in the Facebook group, answering all the questions and giving a good layout to follow. As much as we pretend we don’t like rules, rules help succeed. I would definitely recommend FT5. I think it’s a great way to live, healthy and I always saw lots of benefit in fruit.” MV

“I so enjoyed last week eating the fruit. I actually lost 10 lbs and plan on losing quite a bit more. I so loved your Peas with Tomatoes & Avocados that I went out a bought several bags of them. It was really good! I was amazed to see I actually enjoyed eating fruit, which I never really have in the past and hopefully I will try the Healers Diet also. Thank you so much for the articles and all your information. You are an Awesome Lady & I truly enjoyed learning from you! Keep being an inspiration to us all….” SC

“I thought trying Fruit Til Five would be interesting, but it has turned out to be an amazing way of eating. I have been eating cooked vegan for a couple of years, but still had trouble with energy dips in the late morning and again in the afternoon. But by the third day of Fruit Til Five, my energy was much more constant and I was sleeping more soundly (no more waking up several times a night). If I feel hungry between meals, I can just eat a piece (or a few) of fruit! My husband was afraid I might lose weight, but Carla helped with that too, and I add some dried fruit to my lunch. I’ve now embarked on The Healers Diet to continue my path towards a healthier lifestyle.” LJ

“Thanks Carla! You are an inspiration and role model. It was a great week, a wonderful eye opener. I felt really great, lots of energy, and enjoyed this new way of eating. I plan to continue the FT5 way of eating and incorporate The Healers Diet as well. I love my morning frozen fruit ice cream and green matcha tea. I still love coffee, but know that I can have it on occasion and do not feel the need every day. While I did have some “beginner” dinners this week, I did try for a few nights to eat plant/grain based meals, and I enjoyed them, even without the meat, fish or chicken. So going forward, I gained a great new lifestyle, am looking forward to reading and incorporating the ideas from The Healers Diet, and I thank you for introducing me to this wonderful life that I hope will heal my body, soul, and emotional being.” JK

“For over 30 years I have been a holistic health practitioner and I was introduced to a high fruit diet in my early 20’s. Meeting Carla and following her on Facebook gave me an insight into the wonderful teacher and role model she is. Carla’s teachings and lifestyle is one that enables your body, soul and spirit to thrive and is indeed one well worth emulating! I am extremely impressed at how practical and easy her program is for anyone to implement and follow. She also provides great support along the way via email and Facebook!

I myself am a Colon Hydrotherapist and it is essential for my clients to implement lifestyle changes; whether they want to detox, lose weight, bring healing to diseased inflamed tissue, or simply to restore vital energy, everything hinges on what they are eating and drinking. For people to make this transition to a high fruit diet, many mind sets have to be unlearned. Often for many this becomes an impossible mountain to climb. Spot light on Carla! Quite frankly she has done a stunning job of breaking it all down so that any busy individual can grasp the basics and run with it. Her delivery of this Information is also done in an extremely caring and relevant way. The results and benefits are gained by those of us who can dive in with her and begin learning to thrive. For you the onlooker, put aside any hesitation and embrace the experience for yourself and begin your journey toward thriving body, soul and spirit!

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE The Fruit Til Five mantra!” KG

“I was hesitant to do FT5 because it sounds so radical and I wasn’t sure it would be for me. I love it, though, and I’m still doing it. I’m going to buy The Healer’s Diet program to help me stay on track. Great job, Carla, and great program! You certainly know a LOT about nutrition! AD

“Big shout out Carla to your Fruit Til Five group! The week together, combined with all the resources you so generously shared, raised my awareness about my food and my body exponentially! My tummy is flatter, my eating more simple (thus less time consuming), my rest time more allocated (thus greater) and still everything is getting done. I feel really good and I’ve completely recovered from the crazy holiday eating (in only a week!). THANK YOU! My new year is definitely on a better path because of you.” KK

“What a great week I had with FT5! I lost 8.5 lbs and lowered my blood pressure. Actually I am continuing on with the concept and am now down 14 lbs and feeling great! Thank you Carla!” JA

“I took part in one of the free sessions about a month ago and have broken past a weight barrier as well. The first 3-4 days I actually felt crappy on it…hungry and fuzzy head…then all of a sudden that all changed…feel full, clear head, lots of energy and losing weight. I’m also prone to hypoglycemia and was very skeptical as to how my body would react and I have absolutely no signs of blood sugar imbalance at all…it’s become a daily habit for me now:) thanks Carla.” JD

“This week has been great – and so easy! Sugar (chocolate, etc) cravings gone, funk lifted, and 8 lbs lost. I will definitely continue eating Fruit Til Five – following a similar 80% rule to yours. Takes the “what’s for lunch??” during the work week out of the equation and allows for dinner of choice and favorite foods. Simplify, simplify, simplify!” HM

“I am really loving this program. Although I don’t think I have lost much weight, I am feeling great. My little one wants to eat more fruit since she has seen me doing it. That is worth following the program right there. She noticed that I have not been drinking diet soda. Nice to be a good influence (once in a while LOL!). I am going to continue this week and see what happens!” CH

At first I was worried about the sugar in the fruit. The first three days I was so into bananas and felt great. I diversified a little the second half of the week, and found my balance. It has helped me process through the end of a grief period safely and healthfully. I loved having the community of other folks participating and felt their camaraderie. I also loved the simplicity of the diet. I got a nice compliment midweek from another business professional who noticed me looking lighter. It’s fun to remember how colorful our meals can be. I got re-educated on some nutritional aspects and am really interested to learn more about this way of eating as I continue into the March FT5. I would recommend trying this regime. My mom is interested so I might try to do the next one with her.” LM

“Your work is beautiful and this was a wonderful experience and I feel great physically. I love and honor your approach.” KG

This week has helped me feel my true vitality. I want to learn and grow with this as a lifestyle. There’s no way I can deny the changes I have felt internally that have reflected in my daily life.” AG

“At first I wasn’t sure about FT5 not knowing if this was good for me and my particular health situation. Now I feel more educated in food combining and fasting. I also felt great on the days I fully did the program. My favorite part of FT5 was the ease of meal planning and prep! I also enjoyed the group nature of the program. It provided a real sense of support and motivation. Also, I felt I had a ‘lighter’ sense of being and energy the days I fully participated.  I’d recommend FT5 to anyone to get more in touch with how they feel when eating. I also believe it makes for easy meals!” LT

I was concerned about having enough energy & that I’d have detoxing symptoms that would distract me from what I need to accomplish. Yet your description of the program reminded me that the fruit would allow me to keep my energy right & it was a good time for a clean-up! I feel GREAT except for a little dip in energy on Day 3. I really enjoyed the support of the Facebook group sharing experience & asking/answering questions. LOVE the reminder that monomealing is so GOOD–I was so busy & thinking “oh-to really do this right–I’m gonna have to spend time on food prep” & you encouraged me to monomeal–THAT made it EASY!!! Having a top-notch FOOD-COACH available all day every day of the program is a luxury I’m not used to & the questions asked by others often had you answering question I had even before I HAD them! I’ve shared it with my personal recommendation as having DONE it with you for people on my Wellness Page. It’s a great way of eating, something ‘newbies’ to healthy eating CAN ACHIEVE & the support is excellent!” ZZ

I loved my FT5 week! I actually did a trial run the week before to get myself in the groove and see what it would feel like. I had no problem at all eating FT5 or the fasting hours (actually fasted longer than 12 hours) but I am finding I need to really slowly ease into the dinner transition. For now I ate my dinner more like the rest of my family but can see myself heading toward more healthy dinners in phases as you described. I had a very stressful week in other ways so I did not devote time to planning the more healthy dinners but was excited that I easily stuck to my FT5 when under these same conditions I would have resorted to eating as a way to deal with it…so YAY me! I only lost about 2 lbs but I notice a much flatter tummy and changes starting so I will definitely be sticking to this program! Thank you so much for creating something that seems doable to me and makes perfect sense and I ordered the Healer’s Diet because I do healing work and your correlation to what we eat and our connection to Spirit really resonated with me.” PF

“Carla, My husband and I started last week and he has done great!! It was a complete change for him especially when he ate fast food almost everyday.. he lost 11 pounds the first week and is still losing .. after Day 3 he started to feel really good and had lots of energy. Now he wants to eat like this all through the week and take off the weekends which he did last week and still kept losing weight… but what is important is he feels great !! Thank you.. as for me I already tried to eat like this being a vegetarian and I love it… a few days were hard – I missed my crackers and bread – but did loose a few pounds and I really love fruit. Thank you again and we will continue to follow you!!” KP

“…update…two weeks in and husband broke 20 lbs weight loss today…isn’t that amazing..all to changing eating habits to follow Fruit Til Five.. and he is eating a lot even at dinner.” KP

“This has been such a tremendously joyful eating/living experience. My body rhythms feel more in tune than ever, my emotions feel more balanced, and my hormones as well. It’s seriously awesome! I also feel my sweet and salty cravings are all gone because the day is filled with sweet fruits, so I’m constantly feeding myself in a loving way. This is such a loving and nurturing way to live!” DG

After the out of control feeling of going through treatment and surgeries for breast cancer in 2009, then being re-diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in 2013 and going through chemotherapy again, I finally met Carla and she helped me regain control. All the wonderful healthy whole fruits I am putting into my body not only feed and sustain me, but more importantly are NOT giving my cancer cells anything to live on like refined sugar or hormones. My cancer markers are way down and steady, my glucose levels are normal, I lost weight and have a ton of energy. Thanks to Carla, the Healers Diet, and Fruit ’til Five, I have regained control of my health, my spirituality, my physical and mental presence on this earth… life!!” JS

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“In my six years of being vegan and my four years of eating raw, Fruit Til Five™ has been the most useful, coherent, and straightforward easy to follow program. Thank you so much!” DS-K