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Carbs Are Bad = Math Is Hard

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Saying that all carbs are bad is akin to saying that all math is hard. It can be true, it can be false. It can be both. 1 + 1 = 2 is fairly easy math, unless you’re an infant or toddler. The math above is undeniably more difficult, but it may be easy to […]

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Improving Relationships by Improving Your Nutrition

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I wrote this article for IntuneWoman Magazine “The only control you have over any relationship with another person is what falls in your domain: your attitude, effort, thoughts, actions and commitment. The only way you can improve a relationship with someone else is to improve these elements on your side of the relationship.” Most of […]

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Why Bother Living a Long Life?

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This essay was written for and retitled How To Live A Long, Healthy & Happy Life. When I share health guidance, I assume everyone wants to live as long and pain-free as possible. If comfortable longevity is our common goal, then making lifestyle adjustments now to increase this chance later makes good sense. Yet […]

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Fruit Til Five™ Overview

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Fruit has unnecessarily acquired a bad reputation over the years. We know it’s full of important vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and phytonutrients, however the high sugar content has scared health-conscious eaters away from consuming many fruits on a regular basis. Many experts advise eating only the lower glycemic fruits like berries, cherries, apples, and figs and […]

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Thriving with Superfoods

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I have come to believe that the term “super food” is simply a marketing term used to pump up exotic, imported, and often expensive foods. True super foods have been around for decades in our neighborhood markets and I think that the truest super foods have a small carbon footprint: foods grown in local season […]

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Writelighter Radio Spa Interviews Carla

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Do you want to help raise the vibration of the Planet? Are you ready to open your heart and commit to a balanced “light”style? Join host Eleyne-Mari for Writelighter Radio Spa, an empowering program devoted to your writing and wellbeing! Today’s Show: Today’s Guests: Bonnie Snyder (author, psychologist) and Carla Golden (spiritual nutritionist, massage therapist) […]

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Ko-Shin: The Healers Diet (Interview)

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My friend Ko-Shin wanted to learn more about The Healers Diet and created a video interview with me. You can watch it below to learn more about what motivates & inspires me and about my work as a healer.  

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How Food Affects Our Energy (Interview)

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I was honored to be interviewed again by Kate Spencer of The Lightworker’s Academy about my work as a Spiritual Nutritionist. Kate, author of The Twelve Lessons, is brilliant with helping people get unstuck in life and cope with change, offering life strategy with a spiritual perspective and energy re-patterning. She combines regular coaching techniques with […]

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