Welcome! Above I share the merits of a high-fruit diet & to the right I invite you to join me for the next free week-long session of Fruit Til Five™.

I believe it is your destiny to be HAPPY™: a Healthy, Active, Positively Perfect You! Your life’s fate & your personal free-will dance together to create your ultimate destiny.

I’m here to help you use your free-will to make choices that foster personal transformation, human evolution, and global revolution with every bite. Let’s get started!

After the out of control feeling of going through treatment and surgeries for breast cancer in 2009, then being re-diagnosed with neuroendocrine cancer in 2013 and going through chemotherapy again, I finally met Carla and she helped me regain control. All the wonderful healthy whole fruits I am putting into my body not only feed and sustain me, but more importantly are NOT giving my cancer cells anything to live on like refined sugar or hormones. My cancer markers are way down and steady, my glucose levels are normal, I lost weight and have a ton of energy. Thanks to Carla, The Healers Diet™, and Fruit Til Five™, I have regained control of my health, my spirituality, my physical and mental presence on this earth…..my life!!” JS