Fruit Til Five™ was retired as a stand-alone program on June 15, 2015 after 18 monthly group sessions of teaching, testing, and refinement. It has been enhanced and integrated into my newest nutrition program The Vegan Key™. Please come over and learn more about my program there.



I created the Fruit Til Five™ Jumpstart Week to give you a clear, smart, and safe one week experience of the high-fruit lifestyle as taught in depth & detail in The Healers Diet™.

By signing up for a free group session of FT5 you will receive, at no cost, one short email per day for seven days to coach you through the basics on how & why to eat fruit until 5 pm each day. Sign up to receive the emails AND sign up to join the Facebook group for added support.

AND I’ll give you exclusive anytime-access to my 8 First Steps to a HAPPY™ Kitchen and The 9th HAPPY™ Step guides which will help you eliminate the most toxic food ingredients and establish a diet of real, whole food to get you best prepared for FT5.

“This has been such a tremendously joyful eating/living experience. My body rhythms feel more in tune than ever, my emotions feel more balanced, and my hormones as well. It’s seriously awesome! I also feel my sweet and salty cravings are all gone because the day is filled with sweet fruits, so I’m constantly feeding myself in a loving way. This is such a loving a nurturing way to live!” DG more testimonials

It is an easy idea to eat fruit so you might not think you need guidance, however there are crucial details to consider when embarking on this lifestyle…most importantly about what you do & eat when you’re not eating fruit after 5pm.

Fruit is nature’s perfect food for humans: ready to eat, hand-sized, full of fiber and bound water, designed to fuel cells, cleansing, nourishing, portable, appealing, and easy.

“This week has been great – and so easy! Sugar (chocolate, etc) cravings gone, funk lifted, and 8 lbs lost. I will definitely continue eating Fruit Til Five™. Takes the “what’s for lunch??” during the work week out of the equation and allows for dinner of choice and favorite foods. Simplify, simplify, simplify!” HM more testimonials

These questions will be answered during FT5:

• Why only fruit until 5 pm?
• What about my blood sugar & candida concerns?
• What do I eat after 5 pm?
• Where will I get my protein?
• Is there a best way to start my food day?
• Is there a best way to end my food day?
• Does amount of sleep matter?
• Does fat intake matter?
• Does fasting matter?
• What does a typical week of a Fruit Til Five™ diet look like?
• What is plant-based? What is vegan? Raw gourmet vegan? Low-fat raw vegan?

I will cover these topics and more for you in the daily FT5 emails and in the interactive Facebook support group. To fully understand the philosophy and all the guiding principles behind FT5, it is recommended that you purchase The Healers Diet™, however it is not necessary to successfully enjoy a Fruit Til Five™ week.

What you get for free with Fruit Til Five™:

• one short email per day for seven consecutive days, at no cost
• guidance, details, photos & inspiration for successfully completing a full week of FT5
• encouragement to turn this week into a lifestyle by continuing with The Vegan Key™
• optional interactive support & sharing in a Facebook group in which I will participate daily
• exclusive access to The 8 First Steps to a HAPPY™ Kitchen and The 9th HAPPY™ Step programs
• support for using The Fresh Start™ Program during a Fruit Til Five™ session

Read testimonials here!

You are welcome to participate in Fruit Til Five™ one time or even once a month! There is no limit to your experience. Join FT5 as many times as you wish – it’s FREE every time!

* All dates & prices subject to change.

** By signing up to Fruit Til Five™: The Healers Diet Jumpstart Week you agree that you are in good health and are able to make sound choices regarding your food intake. If you feel unwell before, during or after Fruit Til Five™, you agree that you will seek counsel from your general medical practitioner and that you will not hold Carla Golden or Carla Golden Wellness accountable.

*** Also, by signing up for Fruit Til Five™, you will be added to my Carla Golden Wellness weekly newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time.

What you could expect from a FT5 experience:

• systemic cleansing
• increased energy
• weight balance (gain or loss depending on what’s needed)
• help with weaning off coffee, refined sugar, gluten, meat, dairy, and/or alcohol
• improved sleep
• overall greater sense of wellbeing
• simplification of your life by simplifying your daily diet
• healing of body & soul with fruit
• pure delight in discovering how easy, effective & delicious a FT5 lifestyle can be!
• an introduction to & transition starting point into the high-fruit lifestyle

If you are curious about the high-fruit lifestyle try it on for size for one week with FT5 and see how you feel.

See what others think about FT5. Read testimonials here!

As soon as you sign up you will be provided a list of materials to gather before Day 1 of FT5 starts. These materials will be items you can easily obtain from any grocery store with the option to upgrade to speciality items. Anyone can do this program anywhere! Be sure to check out the Fruit Til Five™ Marketplace!

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