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Below are posts about therapeutic essential oils. I hope you enjoy them.

Post-Matthew Mold/Mildew Prevention

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Hilton Head Island, SC, where I live, was hit directly by Hurricane Matthew on October 8, 2016. Many homes and businesses were damaged or ruined. One of the many after-concerns of a hurricane and flooding in a humid region is the growth of black mold. Of of the best natural ways to kill and prevent […]

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How to Make Essential Oils Work Better

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Therapeutic grade essential oils can be powerful healing agents. They can be used to help tame a migraine headache, reduce a fever, settle a troubled tummy, or soothe aching muscles. Essential oils are derived from plants. In general, raw plants are naturally very oxygenating and alkalizing, especially green plants and citrus fruits. Pure essential oils […]

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Young Living Essential Oil Safety FAQ

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Essential oils are potent gifts from nature that can often be more powerful than expected. In order to prevent misuse of these precious oils and ensure their maximum benefit, Young Living Founder and CEO D. Gary Young, working with Director of Global Education and Health Sciences Dr. Lindsey Elmore and other product experts on her […]

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USB Essential Oil Diffuser

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These new Young Living USB diffusers are great for home, office, or car. Imagine driving down the road and inhaling puffs of peppermint oil to help you stay alert. Imagine working in an office during winter season where others are coughing and sneezing yet you’re breathing in puffs of Thieves to help keep sickness at […]

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Therapeutic Essential Oil Primer

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Essential oils are highly concentrated natural aromatic plant extracts of which a drop or two can produce significant results. An entire plant, when distilled, might produce only a single drop of essential oil. This is why their potency is far greater than that of dried herbs. Pressing or distillation extracts the subtle, volatile (quick to […]

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How to Eat a Banana with a Spoon

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I am quite fond of my high school alma mater: The Asheville School. One of the very important lessons I learned while there was how to eat a banana with a spoon. Little did I know then that 27 years after graduation, the banana would become one of my favorite foods and that I’d be […]

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The Best Essential Oils for Travel

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The holidays are approaching and chances are you may be doing some traveling. Or perhaps you travel year around for work. There are certain essential oils that I seem to always take with me when I’m traveling by plane or car. 1. Thieves This is an indispensable oil blend. I take it with me on […]

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Post-Exercise Citrus Oil Quencher

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In preparation for snowboarding this winter (my first time!) I have taken up running again to get in better shape and build strength. After running, to replace fluids and electrolytes, I make a citrus essential oil quencher rather than drinking a pre-made sports junk drink. This is how I make it. You’ll need: filtered water […]

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